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Lonely In Gorgeous

Nanimo wo Mienai

I read a lot of books and I drink a lot of tea. I'd do anything for a laugh. I love Pirates, and Robots.

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1940s, acting, ai yazawa, alice and the pirates, alice in wonderland, all-night diners, alpha psi omega, angelic pretty, angelina jolie, anime, anthropology, art, avatar: the last airbender, bagels, battle royale, betty boop, bishonen in glasses, books, brunettes, btssb, cartoons, cheese, cigarettes, coffee, comic books, concerts, cookies, corsets, cowboy bebop, crimson hero, cupcakes, dancing, david duchovny, diy, duck dodgers, dunkin' donuts, egl, fairy tales, fantasy, fashion, ffxiv, final fantasy, firefly, flea markets, fraggle rock, frank sinatra, friends, gay rights, giraffes, girls, gnomes, goth style manga, gothic lolita, graphic novels, green tea, halloween, hana yori dango, hayao miyazaki, hello kitty, high heels, italians, j-pop, japanese culture, kagen no tsuki, kakashi, kaori yuki, kissing, kittens, kitty pryde, korean drama, lace, liquor, logan echolls, lolita, lolita fashion, make-up, making out, manatees, manga, metamorphose, midnight, moi meme moitie, monkeys, movies, muse, music, nana, nightmare before christmas, old movies, online shopping, paradise kiss, partying, pearl jam, photography, piercings, poetry, pokemon, polka dots, poupee girl, psyduck, pudge guy, punk, punk lolita, rain, reading, red, red shoes, revolutionary girl utena, road trips, rockabilly, rocky horror picture show, sewing, shadowcat, shel silverstein, shoujo, sluts, snow, snowboarding, spirited away, steampunk, stitch, strawberries, street fashion, tarot, tea parties, techno, tenessee williams, tenshi nanka ja nai, tequilla, the beastie boys, the bizarre bunch, the guild, the l word, the vagina monologues, theatre, thrift stores, through the looking glass, tim burton, totoro, traveling, veronica mars, video games, vintage, vintage clothing, vintage dresses, vivienne westwood, vodka, weezer, writing, x-men